Manage your appointments centrally

Planly allows you to plan appointments with your target audience using a central interface. Choose locations and timeslots for the appointment and select the invitees using our user-friendly interface. An automatic e-mail is sent with a link to make an appointment by selecting a date and timeslot. The capacity of each location is taken into account. You are always aware of the status of the appointments.

Your organisation, your identity

Planly fits within the style of your organisation. The application can be customized with a theme, which makes it a part of your corporate identity. Because of our personal support and years of experience with tailoring applications to our customers' needs, we can listen to your individual requirements.

Notifications and reminders

Planly saves you time following up on appointments by automatically sending notifications and reminders. If an invitation remains unanswered, an automatic message is sent to the invitee, as well as simple reminders for upcoming appointments. Of course you have full control over the content and frequency of the e-mails.

The all-in-one appointment solution

Take the next step in managing your appointments more professionally and enjoy the benefits of Planly:

  • Intuitive interface

  • Get the bird's eye view of all your appointments

  • Personal support

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